Long Island Termites Exterminating

Suburban Termite Exterminators take the proper steps to eliminate any termite threat from your home or business on Long Island, Suffolk County, and Nassau County.

Termite Extermination

Whether or not you want a genuine termite warranty, it makes perfect sense to follow a well structured Termite management program. Keeping termites permanently out of your home is both possible and affordable. Termites are a constant threat for Long Island homeowners, but with Suburban incorporating all the available options, your home will be protected.

Finally a sensible termite management plan that every homeowner in Long Island should be following. If properly maintained annually you can avoid high initial treatment costs and it is highly unlikely that termites will ever do any significant damage to the home.

Termites and Long Island
It's not a matter of "IF"...
It's a matter of "WHEN"

Let Suburban Protect Your Biggest Investment - Your Home

Tools Required for Termite Inspection

  • Moisture meter
  • Wood probe
  • Professional grade flashlight
  • Magnifying lens for field identification
  • Digital cameras to clarify extra details if necessary

Suburban termite inspections are different than any other company in the New York area. The expertise of our inspectors and the advanced technologies we utilize ensure the most comprehensive assessment of your home or business. After our initial consultation and needs assessment we begin with a close visual inspection of all accessible structural timbers.

Our skilled inspectors all utilize moisture meters, and if an area of high moisture is detected and cannot be readily explained, the area is tagged with our "Moisture Mark" Post-It note that includes the reading taken in that area. During the termite treatment our technician will re-visit this area and conduct a follow-up inspection with a PestFinder. (This technology allows us to look inside the wall via radio-waves to determine any movement)

If movement is discovered, the area is documented and will then receive a topical treatment. If no movement is found, then the moisture can be a result of damp installation, or a leaking pipe. After the inspection you will be advised on all the findings and the treatment options will be clearly explained to you in writing.

Termite Treatment Options

Suburban Exterminating understands no one approach is suitable for every termite problem. Long Island has hundreds of different types of home construction and this is a consideration when recommending treatments. We offer the traditional chemical barrier treatments* and Sentricon, the recognized leader in termite baiting and the only system that achieves colony elimination.

(*All barrier treatments are done in accordance with NYS DEC regulations)

Sentricon Colony Elimination System

Exterminating Termites on Long Island with Sentricon

Suburban has been authorized by Dow Agro-Sciences to use the Sentricon Elimination System, the only proven baiting system for protecting structures from subterranean termites. Available only to specially trained and authorized pest control firms, Sentricon eliminates termite colonies and provides ongoing protection from costly termite damage.

With Sentricon we can completely eliminate the entire termite colony for the first time ever. Other termite control methods are designed to simply create a barrier to prevent termite entry.

See More videos at Sentricon's TermiteControl Channel

The Benefits of Sentricon

Another unique benefit of Sentricon is the fact that the termite bait is secured only in those stations having termites and removed when the colony is eliminated. Sentricon is also less intrusive to our customers because monitoring and baiting can be performed entirely from outside the building. This is the most significant termite control development the industry has seen in over 50 years.

Suburban's technicians have received extensive training on proper use of the Sentricon System, as well as advanced termite biology and identification. For more information about how the Sentricon System works, contact Suburban.

Common Pests on Long Island

Common pests found in Suffolk and Nassau County includes termites, ants, beeds the bedbug, rodents (including mice and rats), and cockroaches (roach infestation). To help identify a specific pest problem at your home or business, use Suburban's Pest Identification Webpage to learn more about your infestation

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